Renewable Energy Industries Forum

Renewable Energy Industries Forum
July 31, 2013
Shanghai, China

The Renewable Energy Industries Forum (REIF) is the formal governmental platform for the U.S.-China Renewable Energy Partnerships, which was established by the two countries' presidents in 2009. Organized by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in partnership with ACORE's US-China Program and China's National Energy Administration (NEA), this year's Forum—the third in its history—will feature a panel on Renewable Energy Finance organized by ACORE. In addition, ACORE and the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) will host a VIP reception sponsored by BrightSource Energy and DuPont.

Featured Panel:

ACORE Finance Panel: U.S. and Chinese Developers and Financiers

Opening Remarks:

  • Michael Eckhart, Citigroup, Managing Director and Global Head of Environmental Finance and Sustainability


Lead Discussants:

  • Jeff Layman, Baker Botts
  • Wang Naijing, China International Capital Corporation (CICC)
  • Philip Sin, Citi Orient Securities
  • Justin Wu, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • Liu Yumin, GCL Solar
  • Tan Zaixing, China Development Bank

Description: This ACORE-organized panel will focus on a variety of topics regarding renewable energy finance, including opportunities for Chinese direct investments in the US market, cross-border investment opportunities, US and Chinese regulatory considerations and optimal investment structures, and PV and wind market development prospects

Forum Schedule

Session I: Welcome and Opening Remarks by Moderators

Session II: Vision for the Future and Finance

  • U.S. – China Signings: Commercial and bilateral projects

Session III: The U.S. China Renewable Energy Partnership

  • Overview of U.S. China Renewable Energy Partnership (USCREP) 2012
  • China Wind Power Investment Guide Release
  • Summary Remarks from the Five Working Groups of USCREP

Session IV: ACORE Finance Panel--U.S. and Chinese Developers and Financiers
(see above for details)

Session V: Opportunities for US China Cooperation for Large Scale Solar Development

Session VI: Opportunities for US China Cooperation for Large Scale Wind Development

Session VII: Opportunities for US China Industry Cooperation for Grid Integration/Distributed Energy Generation