Webinar— Fueling the 12th 5 Year Plan: The Outlook on Biofuels in China Co-hosted with CREIA

Thursday, February 28, 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

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biofuelsBiofuels have become an increasingly attractive fuel option for China, as oil imports and private vehicle ownership continue to skyrocket in the country. Nevertheless, it is uncertain what policies and financial incentives China will apply to meet its ambitious alternative fuel goals for 2020.

Although China has staged ambitious pilot programs supporting the development of alternative fuels, Beijing has yet to implement the generous subsidies and considerable policy support that the industry needs to develop. The U.S. private sector, however, has made substantial progress through partnerships involving major international players such as Boeing, DuPont, Coskata, Novozymes, and Honeywell UOP with Chinese counterparts and stakeholders on marketing drivers and strategies to advance the biofuels industry in China. Collaborations include projects with COFCO, PetroChina, and Air China to establish biofuel research, production, and refining facilities.

The American Council On Renewable Energy’s (ACORE) US-China Program invites you to a roundtable of a select group of industry experts for a robust discussion on the trends in the Chinese biofuels sector.

 Topics covered will include:

  • What policies and subsidies the Chinese government will use to meet its biofuel targets
  • The role of existing policies in supporting the industry and expected future policies
  • The outlook on areas of cooperation for private and state-owned players


Speakers include:

  • Tom Weirich, VP of  Corporate Relations, International Programs Director, ACORE
  • Mark DeAndrea, Vice President Strategic Development, POET - View Presentation
  • Raffaella Cristanetti, Senior International Business & Strategy Executive, Dupont - View Presentation
  • Michael Christiansen, Regional President, Novozymes China; Vice President, Novozymes A/S - View Presentation
  • Dehua Liu, Ph.D, Professor,  Tsinghua University


Please join us for this interesting and provocative discussion. After a short presentation by each of our panelists, the webinar will be open for panel discussion and questions from participants.


美国可再生能源理事会(ACORE)与中国资源综合利用协会可再生能源专业委员会(CREIA)合作项目 ——为可再生能源发展"十二五"规划推波助澜:"中国生物燃料展望"在线研讨会

时间:2013年 2月29日 北京时间凌晨1点





  • 中国政府将采取什么样的政策和经济扶持手段以实现其生物燃料的发展目标
  • 现有的产业扶持政策以及未来国家政策对促进生物燃料产业发展的作用
  • 私有和国有生物燃料领域合作的远景展望



  • 王金铎 美国可再生能源理事会企业与公共关系副总裁,国际项目总监
  • Mark DeAndrea  POET企业事务副总裁
  • Raffaella Cristanetti   杜邦高级国际商业及战略主管
  • 柯铭 诺维信中国区总裁,诺维信全球副总裁
  • 刘德华 教授,清华大学应用化学所所长,工学博士,博士生导师