Construction of ecological civilization on top of agenda, Chinese authority seeks advice from overseas experts

With the theme of “vigorously promoting the construction of ecological civilization”, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) is soliciting policy advises and suggestions from overseas experts and specialists, in areas regarding environment protection and conservation. Major topics include optimization of land-use pattern, accelerating transformation of economic development pathway and strengthening legal institution etc.

  • Optimize the pattern of land and space development
  • Enhance protection of natural ecosystems and the environment
  • Accelerate transformation of the economic development pathway so as to balance economic growth and environment protection
  • Save and intensify the use of resources; promote the use of resources by a fundamental change
  • Strengthen the legal institution for ecological civilization construction

The International Fund for China's Environment (IFCE) is acting as an intermediary for the CPPCC. Please send your advice/suggestions to Ms. Yao Chong by Apr 30. More details

China Needs A 'Game Changing' Renewable Energy Technology
January 23 | Renewable Energy World | Market

Today's edition of "Renewable Energy World" leads with China Strategies' article, "China Needs a 'Game Changing' Renewable Energy Technology". Despite making impressive strides in deploying renewable energy over the last six or seven years, China's carbon emissions continue to grow at an alarming rate. We argue here that the answer to this conundrum must be found in new renewable energy technologies. One such new technology that may well be a 'game changer' is the INVELOX "wind harvesting system" developed by Sheer Wind, Inc., of Chaska, Minnesota. (Louis Schwartz, China Strategies) Read more... 

Major Power Transmission Line to Complete Early
December 17 | Solar / Wind Energy | Market

A power transmission line connecting Xinjiang with other areas in northwest China will be completed in June next year, three months ahead of schedule. Upon its the completion, the line will carry wind and solar-generated electricity in Jiuquan, Gansu Province, Hami, Xinjiang province, and Qaidam Basin in Qinghai Province to the rest of the country. Read more...

China to Develop Circular Economy
December 12 | All Sub-sectors | Regulatory

The State Council called for development of a circular economy on Wednesday. China will improve systems for recycling renewable resources and waste, and push forward green concepts in architecture and transportation. The State Council said the service sector should play a key role in transforming the current consumption model into a green, low-carbon alternative. Read more...

UNEP Chief Hails "Beautiful China" Concept
December 15 | All Sub-sectors | Market

China's determination to build a harmonious society and a "beautiful China" indicates the leadership's rethinking of the relationship between the economy and the environment, according to UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner. Over the last 20 years, China has shown that it is able to arrest the trend of securing economic development at the expense of the environment, the UNEP chief said. Read more...

China Doubles Solar Subsidies
December 12 | Solar Energy | Finance

China has added a further $1.1 billion in subsidies to its solar power sector, more than doubling its support this year, Xinhua reported on Wednesday, sending shares of Chinese solar power companies up sharply in U.S. trading. Read more...

China Gas Holdings, Fortune Oil in $400 mil Gas Business Merger
December 17 | Cleaner Oil | Market


China Gas Holdings has formed an alliance with UK-listed Fortune Oil that would merge their natural gas business units in China, Fortune said in a filing to the London Stock Exchange Monday. "This transaction allows Fortune Oil to create one of the largest natural gas operators in China ... We believe there are synergistic benefits from combining the two companies," said Fortune's CEO Tee Kiam Poon. Read more...



The US Solar Trade Case Against China, and Chinese Solar Industry Development

August 8 | Renewable Energy | Trade

In this Content Package you’ll find a balanced, fact-based discussion of the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy trade case against China's solar manufacturers; an exploration of how China’s solar industry has grown so big so fast; and a thorough analysis of what might be the consequences – many of them likely unintended – of likely outcomes of this US-China trade case. We trust you will come away with a new sense of how the solar industry got to where it is and where we should go from here – a path that mutually benefits us all. Read more...