US-China Renewable Energy Trade Resources

China is emerging as a key player in the global renewable energy field with fast-paced development in manufacturing, installation capacity and technology. US-China trade in renewable energy products has become increasingly important for both countries' development in renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Industry

China Update
According to REN21 Renewables 2012 Global Status Report, in 2011, out of all the top ranking countries, China ranked the first place in new capacity investment, hydropower capacity, wind power capacity, solar hot water/heat capacity, wind power capacity, and geothermal direct heat use.

U.S. Update

According to Natural Resources Defense Council, every state in America can produce its own energy from clean, renewable sources, reducing pollution, and creating new jobs and new sources of income.


U.S.-China Trade and Investment Review

According to Wayne M. Morrison, the specialist in Asian trade and finance, U.S.-China economic ties have expanded substantially over the past several decades. However, bilateral trade relations have become strained because of a number of issues, including trade deficit, WTO compliance, currency policy, and intellectual property rights.


U.S.-China Renewable Energy Policy Landscape

According to Richard J. Campbell, US and China have diverse reasons for the increasing use of renewable energy, including energy security, energy independence, cleaner air, and climate change. Many argue that US does not have a comprehensive national policy for renewable energy development like China does.

China has a set of national and local policy tools and plans to promote the development of renewable energy, more info can be found at


Facts and Figures

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